Welcome Sovereign Being of Earth.

New Earth
is a state of awareness.
Creating it starts
from within.

Our Passions:

Authentic Relationships

Intentional Community

Sustainable Living

Raw veganism & Health

Emotional Healing​

Spiritual Evolution​


We are soul mates with a vision for a different kind of world and a new way of living. We envision a world where every being is honored and we live in harmony with nature. Where freedom is a birth right for each Earthling, and where we meet each other from a place of integrity and authenticity. 

For us, the future is tribal, where we recognize our interdependence, while celebrating the freedom and unique gifts of each individual. We want a future where we all can unfold into our highest potential, while contributing positively towards the collective. 

The journey towards the New Earth starts from within, which is why we both are passionate about integration and emotional healing for the purpose of awakening the divine awareness and unity within.

Below you can read more about the work we do and join us!

Join Our Sacred Circle Retreat

Initiation Into Community
9-13 Dec 2022

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Healing Jealousy

This is a short mini course that provides you with a 3-step process to overcoming jealousy. If you commit to following these steps, you will transform your jealousy into intimacy, trust and deep self-love and respect.

This is for you if:

>>> You are struggling with feelings of jealousy <<<

>>> You are feeling limited by your partners jealousy <<<

>>> Jealousy is creating disconnection in your life <<<

>>> Your growth and expansion is hindered by jealousy <<<

Work With Us One-on-One

We both offer private sessions to help you on your journey to unfolding into your highest version, manifesting the life that you desire and stepping into your purpose.


Ram is an experienced trauma healing and shadow work facilitator. He accompanies you to the deepest corners of your being, and helps you to emerge from the other side forever changed, with the help of modalities such as Completion Process and IFS. 

Miia is an intuitive guide and channel who can help you to tap into the most hidden aspects of your being that are blocking you from creating what you want. She works with different modalities to bring about deep integration and consciousness shift.