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Join The Sacred Circle Retreat!

We gather again in a circle, in community, to move through our personal blockages and dynamics so that we can step into our true mission on this Earth.

In a collective process, we transmute dysfunctional dynamics, let go of victim power games and envy, and come into alignmen with our true calling. We support you and each other as we move through the FIRE that purifies us, so that we can serve humanity through our gifts.

We will gather in...

Places are limited

What is sacred circle?

The Sacred Circle is about community, about healing and growing together as a tribe.

In circle, we are all equally valuable, yet not the same, as we all bring with us our unique contribution.

The circle invites us to share our deepest truths with vulnerability, and to confront our shadows and dysfunctional relationship patterns, and also to experience deep healing and meeting our needs. 

The circle invites us to share who we truly are and invites our light and gifts to be shared.

We bring together different modalities in order to balance the western therapeutic approaches with the shamanic, which goes beyond the rathional understanding. 

Here the clarity of the mind meets the depth of the heart.

The program includes practices such as:

...and more...

We will focus on...

Expressing our inner truths

Radicallly empathetic honesty. Accessing and voicing our personal ruths.

Healing in a tribe

Exposing and working through inter-relational dynamics and patterns.

ceremonial Spaces

Remembering together how to honor sacred medicines of tabacco, cacao & fire.

Empowerment In Our Gifts

Letting go of fear and envy, and daring to be seen in our excellence.

About The hosts​

We are Ram and Miia. We are soul mates who uphold a vision for the New Earth, and we envision it to be based on communities, where each person is encouraged in their free unique expression. Where we live in harmony with nature and we cultivate true AUTHENTICITY, TRUST, UNDERSTANDING and COMPASSION between each other.  

♥  Ram is an experienced shadow work deep diver, specializing in trauma/ emotional healing. He can go to the deepest depths of your shadows and help you to integrate your darkest aspects.

♥ Miia is a channeler with a clear vision. She helps people to see themselves more clearly, to become more embodied human beings and to come back to their natural innocent state.


Learn what others have experienced who have joined us in the past!

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Polina Ponomarenko

I had a great time and met so many amazing beings
I was deeply touched by the energy you created, I could feel it blossoming so quickly and seemingly effortlessly. You held space for my own internal healing and for me to unfold myself in connection with others at the same time, which is incredible.

Hossam Eddine

It was sooo worth it. There were so many special moments that impacted me in how I want to live my life and showed me my deep desire to feel authentic human connection. The entire weekend and even the following days after felt so magical. I got in touch with my true self.

Nina Duschek

The Sacred Circle Retreat was absolutely life changing for me. For the first time in my life I could experience what it means to be really accepted, loved and seen for who I am, by receiving unconditional presence. I learned how to express my needs and boundaries more clearly. I could heal so much...

Connection in the heart of nature

The venue is at a beautiful location on the edge of Berlin (the same location as the previous Sacred Circle). It is a simple building surrounded by nature, beautiful forests, and a lake nearby. It has an extensive 8.000 m2 of land, a playground, and much more to honor our inner children.

We offer delicious and healthy food, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All food is vegan and gluten-free. 

Rallenweg 4, 13505 Berlin
Free parking places are available.
For public transportation use an online map.


Food and Accommodation
Mostly organic and locally sourced high-vibe vegan food.

Sleeping at shared rooms, 3-5 people in each.
Single room options available for supportive tickets


Access by public transportation:

  • One hour and 20 mins from Schoenefeld Airport (A,B,C transportation ticket)
  • One hour and 10 mins from Berlin bus station (A,B transportation ticket)

*The Agreement*​

An important key to successful community is self responsibility.

This is why we ask that all participants are willing to reflect on their own shadows, projections and patterns. We ask that you take responsibility for your own process, and while support will be availabe, we ask that you are willing to hold space for your own triggers and ask for support when needed. You are the main person in charge for your own experience, for including yourself and for communicating your needs and boundaries.

Own Your Boundaries

Self Responsibility

Open for Magic

Clear Communication

Are you ready ?

This is a unique opportunity to transform your relationships and a doorway to community life...

Available tickets:

Help us to avoid extra fees by paying with a bank transfer.

Simply choose “on-site” payment when booking and transfer 195e to:

Miia Kuronen
FI97 5731 6520 0564 76


We have a strong wish that everyone who feels called to join, can attend, so if you can’t afford to pay these ticket prices, please contact us.
There is the option of 3 settlement payment
We also offer volunteering options and discount for people who contribute to the program.

* Ticket bundle includes:
1- Ticket to the retreat
2- Private support in for of a 90-min private session with both Ram & Miia (after or before the retreat)

Frequently Asked Questions.

The retreat center is a beautiful but a humble place. There are 5 shared bedrooms with 3-6 people in each.

We strongly advise you to come before the start, so we can have a smooth opening circle and that will also help you feel more relaxed and connected to the group.
However, if that’s not possible, you can still arrive until Friday evening.

Yes, we always like to offer alternatives to people who can’t pay the full price. Just use the contact form to write to us and mention your skills and experience in helping and volunteering.

Miia and Ram will not be holding space for individual processes during the retreat. However, we do have qualified space holders with us whom you can approach for support and with whom you can book a private session.

Tantra is the art of embracing all aspects of life. This includes sexuality but is not limited to it. The program is designed to help you allow the fullness of your energy, including sexuality. You can always skip a program if you are not comfortable with it.

As long as you are open to connecting with others and willing to reflect on your own shadows and patterns, you are most welcome and can benefit greatly form the experience!

memories from previous years

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