This is a space where you can experience deep healing in the form of physical touch, closeness and connection, all within your boundaries and without hidden motifs.
Touch is one of the most basic needs for all human beings.


When done with consent and in a safe environment, touch can be a profoundly healing experience. Being touched by others signals acceptance and belonging and relaxes the nervous system,it basically signals to our system that we are safe. Touch is quite literally a basic form of somatic therapy!


Unfortunately, most of us do not get our very basic need for touch met, as there is more and more isolation, and our interactions are full of misunderstandings and unspoken expectations and most of us have no access to safe touch outside of romantic relationships.


Come experience safe touch with us and deepen your relationships!

29th January 16:00-18:00

Room Diligencia at Main Venue

Contribution 10 USD / 200 pesos

Come Join us

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About The hosts​

We are Ram and Miia. We are soul mates who uphold a vision for the New Earth, and we envision it to be based on communities, where each person is encouraged in their free unique expression. Where we live in harmony with nature and we cultivate true AUTHENTICITY, TRUST, UNDERSTANDING and COMPASSION between each other.  

♥  Ram is an experienced shadow work deep diver, specializing in trauma/ emotional healing. He can go to the deepest depths of your shadows and help you to integrate your darkest aspects.

♥ Miia is a channeler with a clear vision. She helps people to see themselves more clearly, to become more embodied human beings and to come back to their natural innocent state.

You might ask?

Short answer: No we won’t go naked, and it’s non-sexual touch

Long answer: we see that sexual energy is an important lifeforce energy, and we embrace our beautiful naked bodies 🙂 However, to make everyone feel safe, we keep this workshop in the lines of sensual touch.

Connection and touch are some of the main needs that we all have. This space will be a great opportunity to fulfil those needs and form deeper connection to like minded people. You are always welcome to express your boundaries and authentic truth!

It depends on the interests of the child. The games will be focused on presence and dand touch.

Kids above the age of 10 might find a lot of joy in it. However, kids who like to be active or who are very shy might not enjoy it as much.

We prefer cash in Pesos, but we also accept PayPal and Revolut. 

We are looking forward to seeing you

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